Interior Detailing Options...
Need an interior cleaning? A basic cleaning or deep cleaning, we got you covered! More than just our basic interior... Extended Interior starts at just $125** and we'll vacuum the interior, clean air vents, scrub your floor mats, clean & UV protect ALL interior plastic/vinyl trim (dash, door panels, console, etc).  Vacuum cloth seats, or gently clean & protect your leather seats. Includes minor spot cleaning of spills & stains. We'll finish by cleaning all interior glass as well. 
Deep cleaning of leather seats, $50-front row, $75-2 rows
Ceramic Coating of Leather Seats, must deep clean first, then
   add $35 per seat for ceramic coating. (Pkg prices avail.)
Salt removal from carpets starting at $20 per side.
** Small SUVs and 2 Door Trucks add $25, 3rd row SUVs, Vans, and Large Trucks add $35. Excessively dirty vehicles, including excessive pet hair, may incur additional charges.

Package Pricing for Extended Interior, starting at only $90 with any exterior service for cars! Trucks & Small SUVs $95, 3rd row SUVs $95 when completed with any exterior service.