First Place Show Car Prep

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All of the show cars we’ve done have taken first place at the next event following our services!! So naturally, we’ve been asked to duplicate this service and what does it cost? That’s a hard question, because it’s a lot of work! Anyways, here’s our SHOW CAR package, for the exterior and show worthy portions of the car… interior NOT included in this package. This is most, but not all, of what we do to produce neck snapping first place finishers!

First, we start with a full hand wash & decontamination of the entire vehicle, including a full clay bar service to remove the tiny, usually unnoticeable, contaminants left on the paints surface. Then we blow dry all the seems and hand dry the vehicle. Next, we steam clean the engine bay, and dress all the rubber & plastic under the hood. We also steam the door jambs and trunk. We put the car on our hoist, remove the wheels, and steam clean all the brake components and suspension components as well. While the wheels are off, we steam clean the hard to reach nooks and crannies of the wheel, polish the faces and lips, then ceramic coat the entire wheel, inside and out, with 2 layers of our PRO 9H ceramic coating. We apply our PERL tire dressing, multiple times over the next few days, to ensure a deep, rich black satin finish, sure to last you through the show season! Throughout this process, we also ceramic coat the brake calipers, and any shiny suspension parts that need coating, with our Xtreme Ceramic, meant for Xtremely dirty areas. This helps make future cleanings of these parts much easier!

Once the nooks and crannies and wheels have been completed… we asses the paint condition. Typically a 2 or even 3 stage PAINT CORRECTION process is started, and we CAREFULLY remove as many swirls, scratches, and RIDS (random independent scratches) that we can safely remove without compromising the paints finish. We will typically go through 6-10 polishing pads of varying aggressiveness, and make careful choices on the polishing compounds used to achieve the best possible finish we can safely achieve. Along the way, we also polish the glass with our glass polish and 3” polisher, to make sure it’s as clean and transparent as possible.

Once the paint is up to par with how we want it… we begin with our first stage of Ceramic Coating, using TWO LAYERS of our OG DIAMOND 9H Coating as a base coat, to provide a long lasting & hard finish. Once that layer has cured, we apply TWO LAYERS of our CRYSTAL SS coating. The SS stands for “Super Slick” which it truly is!! This is our glossiest coating, with the slickest properties! What this means for you is you’ll have a gloss-dripping appearance when you go to shows, and a slickness that makes it super easy to clean for future shows!! If necessary, we use our C4 Trim Restorer on plastic trim, to ensure a deep black finish. Then coat all plastics with 2 layers PRO 9H Ceramic as well, for lasting looks and protection.

When the paint and trim is done, we apply our SystemX GLASS coating to all the exterior glass, and make sure to double up on the windshield for added protection and even coverage. This makes rain glide off the glass, and bug guts much easier to clean! At the end of it all, we open those doors, and apply our super glossy sealant inside all the cleaned out door jambs, and along the edges of the doors themselves. This helps with appearance, and makes it easier to clean as well.

In addition to our SHOW CAR PREP package, we also include some small detailing supplies to be used at the show! Some great MF towels that we use ourselves, as well as some Quick-Detailers and sealants to clean up the vehicle when you get there! Along with some pro-tips on how to properly care for your show car!

SHOW CAR PREP, Starts around $2700 on most 2 & 4 door vehicles, and around $2,900 on trucks and SUVs.
Each vehicle is different, and will need a formal inspection of a cleaned vehicle, and proper written guidelines of
what to expect from our services. We also require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 20% at the time of booking. Expect
your vehicle to be with us for at least one week, while we carry out over 40+ hours worth of work on your pride and joy!