Your vehicle is typically your second largest expense, next to your home. Don't you want to treat it properly? Ceramic Coatings are a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this coating will transform itself on the surface to a semi-permanent, flexible shield. Ceramic coatings can be described as an additional clear coat, that is harder than the paint's original clear coat, with more gloss and shine! We start each vehicle with a thorough wash & decontamination.  After that, we access the current condition of the paint, and determine how much paint correction and enhancement the vehicle needs via 1-stage or 2-stage polishing process to make the paint look as good as possible. Sometimes, we can actually acheive a better than new finish! We thoroughly remove all residue and oil, and beging the process of ceramic coating your vehicle.

NEED HELP CHOOSING A CERAMIC COATING?? CLICK HERE for a product list and explanation!

Why a ceramic coating on my vehicle?

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- It's a good investment to protect your 2nd largest expense!
The coating will protect the vehicles paint & trim from deteriorating. The ceramic coating resists UV rays and oxidation better and for longer than waxes. Which means the resale market value will therefore be substantially higher since your vehicle will be in better shape for a longer time!

-Looking new all the time...
Once the coating is applied you will see a mirror effect, glossiness, and color depth! With proper maintenance your car’s finish will shine for many years to come. Ceramic coatings also resist most chemical stains, most water spots, and etchings from bird bombs (assuming they are removed within a reasonable time)

- It Lasts Longer...
Depending on the coating you choose, it can last up to 5 years! That means your paint is protected for up to 5 YEARS!! Instead of 2-3 months like a typical wax, or 4-6 months like a liquid sealant. Yes, proper care is required to achieve optimal results, but maintenance is easier with a coating too!  And we do your first 2-3 maintenance washes for 1/2 off anyways!

-Less maintenance...
The slickness of the coated surface doesn’t allow dirt, break dust and tar to stick to your car’s paint, wheels, or glass. This makes washing your vehicle less labor intensive and less frequent. Waxing is now obsolete.

Where can Ceramic Coatings be applied?

Just about anywhere on your car!! We carry ceramic coatings for... Paint, Trim, Wheels, Glass, Lights, and even Leather seats! We also have similar products that protect the vinyl on your dashboard and console, as well as specialized Fabric Coatings for cloth seats or carpets,  that resist spills and stains from you and the little ones! We can protect your entire vehicle, inside and out... from both mother nature, and the toddler in the back seat!


What Ceramic Coatings CAN'T do...
- Eliminate the chance of scratches, stone chips, or swirl marks...
The scratch-resistance of Ceramic Coatings is often exaggerated. Though some small scratches can be repelled by a Ceramic Coating, a coated vehicle will not be completely resistant to the risk of rock chips or minor scratches. Furthermore, improper car washing techniques or automated car washes will still create swirl marks on your vehicle’s surface.  For proper stone chip resistance, look into Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra. Yup, we do that too! 

- Eliminate the need to wash your vehicle...
We said a Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking like new with minimal maintenancenot no maintenance. Even with a ceramic coating, the road is a dirty place, and you will still need to wash it.  However, due to the nature of a coating, maintenance washes will be easier, and you will NOT need to wax the vehicle every few months, eliminating one of the more time consuming aspects of a properly maintained vehicle.

- Make your vehicle fly...
While some shops make outlandish, crazy, and "too good to be true" claims about their ceramic coatings, we'll provide you with the facts, as seen above, and give you realistic expectations on what a coating CAN and CANNOT do for your vehicle.  Because NO, a ceramic coating does not eliminate gravity!

Looking for a Summary?

If you care about your vehicle, how it looks, and have a busy schedule, a ceramic coating may be the right choice for you! We won't tell you this is a miracle cure, but we have it on our vehicles, and love it!! We wouldn't sell a product we wouldn't use ourselves.  We'll answer all your questions the best we can, and try to steer you towards a solution that is right for you, and your vehicle! Wether its a ceramic coating or not, we'll keep you and your car happy! In addition to our Ceramic services, we offer 1/2 off your first 2 or 3 maintenance washes, depending on the coating you chose!

12-18 Month, EXO, Super Glossy & Hydrophobic Coating, starting at  only $225 on most 2 & 4 door cars!
2-3 Year Element 119 (SystemX) CRYSTAL Ceramic Coating, starting at  only $250 on most 2 & 4 door cars!

3-5 Year C1 Ceramic Coating on most 2 & 4 door cars: $310 (Recommended for Lighter colored vehicles)
3-5 Year CSL Ceramic Coating on most 2 & 4 door cars: $360 (Recommended for Darker Vehicles)
** Small SUVS & 2 door trucks add $25, Large SUVS and 4 door trucks add $45 **

4-6 Year Element 119 (SystemX) PRO Ceramic Coating on most 2 & 4 door cars: $450
4-6 Year Element 119 (SystemX) PRO Ceramic Coating on most small SUVs & Trucks: $475
4-6 Year Element 119 (SystemX) PRO Ceramic Coating on most Large SUVs & Crew Cab Trucks: $495

8-10+ Year Element 119 (SystemX) DIAMOND Ceramic Coating on most 2 & 4 door cars: $595
8-10+ Year Element 119 (SystemX) DIAMOND Ceramic Coating on most small SUVs & Trucks: $625
8-10+ Year Element 119 (SystemX) DIAMOND Ceramic Coating on most Large SUVs & Crew Cab Trucks: $745

SystemX Carries a 4 year, 6 year, 8 year, or LIFETIME WARRANTY based on your vehicle and application chosen
See more information here on SystemX / Element 119 Warranty 

Want even MORE GLOSS and protection??!! Ask for our EXO or Cyrstal Coating OVER one of these ceramics.. you make just think the paint is dripping off the car it's so glossy!! Starting at $175.00 with initial base coat.

Estimated life-span of coatings is based on proper maintenance, with recommended top coat every 6-8 months. 
Warrantied Items must carry out a yearly maintenance wash/inspection with Detail Pro to be eligible for warranty.
All of our coatings includes first 2 maintenance washes at 1/2 price, and FREE topcoat for life of the coating with any wash service
(Maintenance Wash AKA, "Cars & Coffee" Detail)

Coatings for the rest of your vehicle...
Windshield Glass Polished & Ceramic Coated, starting at $60
Glass Ceramic Coating on sides/rear, starting at $50
Standard Glass Coating, 4-6month, starting at $20
Wheels Ceramic Coated, starting at $125
Exterior Trim Restoration & Ceramic, starting at $55
Door Jams Ceramic Coated, start at $50

Prices do NOT include paint prep, polishing, or cleaning before coating is applied.

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