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Washing your vehicle on your own can be relaxing, fun, allow you to save money, and keep you vehicle in better condition. However, proper washing is important! Improper washing can cause damage to the vehicles paint, including scratches and swirl marks. While not really harmful to the vehicle, it can have a negative impact on the vehicle at trade in time, but more importantly… can cuase your vehicle to lose it’s shine and gloss!

We suggest a two bucket method, with proper tools and supplies. A quality wash mitt, good car wash soap (NEVER Dish soap, as it can strip waxes and protectants) and a good drying towel or two. Please contact Detail Pro, as we do sell wash buckets with all the proper tools included!!

Here are two links on proper wash techniques, from one of our favorites sites for car wash supplies and information!



Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions regarding your ceramic coated vehicle!

Now that your vehicle has a ceramic coting on it, we recommend a few simple things to properly maintain it. Ceramic coatings are a great low maintenance way to protect your vehicle against UV rays, salt, chemical fallout, bug guts, and more. But it’s not a ‘no maintenance’ solution. Here are a few recommendations to get the most out of your ceramic coating!

1: We always recommend a proper HAND WASH and dry, with clean towels, wash mitts, and quality products. Please ask us what we recommend, as we are always happy to give free advice on this subject!! We also recommend a ceramic booster at least once a year, very basic to apply yourself, again, ask us what we use… always happy to give advice!

2: IF NEEDED, a TOUCHLESS drive-thru car wash every 2-3 weeks as needed, to remove grime from the surface, allowing the ceramic to properly do it’s job protecting and shining.

3: Yearly inspection at Detail pro for warranty** and added top coat once per year (recommended)

You can top coat multiple times a year to keep that shine and extra protection going strong at all times! If you prefer to wash your own vehicle, our ceramic boosting top coat is available for purchase. We’ve put together a wash bucket as well, that we sell, that includes some of the same products we use!! Please see below for whats in the bucket, and how to use it!