Serving Stevens Point & Plover for nearly 5 years, but with over 12 years experience, Detail Pro offers some of the best detailing services around. From paint enhancement & polishing, sealants and waxes, to top of the line ceramic coatings... you won't believe the shine we can achieve on just about any vehicle. Specializing in exterior detailing, cleaning, polishing, and protecting, we'll make sure to take care of your car as if it were our own! While we love achieving fabulous results with paint, we're no rookies to interior cleaning as well. Minor stain removal, shampooing, and general deep cleaning services are all offered through us, as well as vinyl/leather/plastic restoration and protection. 

Ask about our NEW VEHICLE PREP… PPF/Tint/Ceramic!

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Detailing Packages & Services

CARS & COFFEE Package- Starting at $200
This package is our basic Interior & Exterior detail perfect for regular interior/exterior cleanings, weekend car meets, before or after a road trip, or before you sell/trade your vehicle. A clean vehicle is more enticing than a dirty one, ultimately making it worth more & sell quicker!
This package includes, but isn’t limited to…
-Hand Wash & Hand Dry
-Wheels/Tires Cleaned, Waxed, Dressed
-Exterior Paint Waxed
-Exterior Trim Dressed
-Interior/Exterior Glass Cleaned
-Interior surface vacuum
-Interior plastics wiped & UV Protected

Pricing is based on a 2/4 door vehicle, with average soiling. Excessively dirty vehicles may incur additional fees. Online prices are ESTIMATES ONLY! Please stop by with your vehicle for a firm price, based on your needs & expectations.

Small SUVs add $30, Trucks and 3-Row SUVs add $45


THE CRUISE IN - Starting at $375
The best way to BRING BACK THE SHINE!! Makes the paint smooth and glossy again, and makes those dull metallics POP in the sunlight!! Includes everything from Cars & Coffee, and adds…
-Clay Bar Service to all painted surfaces to
remove contaminants & make super smooth!
-Single Stage Polishing on Paint to reduce swirls by 50%-60%,
remove oxidation, & enhance shine!
- Paint Conditioning Cream & Wax Applied
-Interior plastics scrubbed then UV Protected
-Cup holders removed and cleaned
- Floor Mats (front only) Scrubbed or Shampooed
-Option for Ceramic Coating Protection (vs wax)

Small SUVs add $35, Trucks and 3-Row SUVs add $50

THE CAR SHOW - Starting at $495
The perfect combination for those that just love a super CLEAN, shiny ride! Both inside and out! This package includes everything from The Cruise In, and adds…
-2 Stage Polishing on Paint, to remove most swirls
& some minor scratches, & make your paint almost GLOW!
- 6-8 Month paint SEALANT (vs 2-3 month wax)
- Wheel Wells cleaned and dressed
- Interior leather seats scrubbed and conditioned
or fabric seats shampooed
- Floor Mats Scrubbed or Shampooed (all, as needed)
-Option for Ceramic Coating Protection (vs sealant)

Small SUVs add $40, Trucks and 3-Row SUVs add $60

<<-- Our Show Car Package is for the ELITE car enthusiast, not just show cars. If you want to give your car the best of the best, you need to check this out! Four layers of gloss dripping protection, and our best correction process… guaranteed to turn heads!!