The First Scratch Hurts the Most
Prevent the pain and keep your car looking newer longer with highly-durable, self-healing paint protection film. A high gloss, virtually invisible shield, LLumar® Platinum Paint Protection Film with Hydrogard™ technology protects your car from the damage caused by everyday driving. With Self Healing technology, small scratches and swirls marks disappear once heated, even a hot sunny day can help make those small marks go away!

Today's advancements in technology allow for a stronger, clearer film, that is barely noticeable when applied properly.  Seams on hoods and fenders blend in with the paint, and edges on bumpers and headlights disappear along the edges! Knowing you're protected, without having to see it... now that's piece of mind!

Professionally installed with a 10 year manufacturer's limited warranty, and you can wash, wax, and maintain your car just like you normally would. We can even Ceramic Coat over PPF to give you a superier level of cleaning ability! With LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film, you can worry less, and enjoy driving more! Sign Pro is a CERTIFIED LLumar PPF Installer!

Ask about our full coverage package options, including a DISCOUNT when you combine our LLumar Window Tint and LLumar Paint Protection Films! Get complete protection for your vehicle and the people inside!

Rock Chips Happen. At highway speeds even a small rock can cause damage. With best-in-class quality and clarity, LLumar® Platinum Paint Protection Film shields your vehicle's finish against rocks, road debris, winter salt and sand all year long. LLumar® Door Edge Guards provide an excellent shield against paint chips and scrapes in parking lots where damage often occurs

Quality you can count on. Proudly made in the U.S.A. of domestic and imported materials, LLumar® Platinum Paint Protection Film helps protect car finishes from paint chips and scratches. Manufactured by a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company, LLumar products are recognized for their outstanding appearance and durability. We proudly stand behind our products and installation. This, along with a reputation for quality and innovation, has made LLumar one of the best-selling and most-respected paint protection film brands in the world.